Thursday, December 8, 2016

National History Bee Update

A notice to all students and parents participating in the National History Bee, 

This year, the history bee changed their format for  use an online exam in lieu of school/classroom bees to qualify students for Regional History Bees. 

The online portal was set to open on December 1and Lurgio students were scheduled for the online exam yesterday, 12/7.

However, as you probably already know, the online exam was postponed due to technical difficulties with the exam portal.   Their system is down, and  at this time,  the folks at the National History Bee do not know when it will be up and running again.  

Once we get confirmation from the National History Bee that the portal has been restored, we will reschedule the exam.  Participating students will be given notice of the exam date, and time to prepare again for the exam.  

Thank you all for your patience during this unforeseeable inconvenience!